Australia Diary Days 3-6

I’m afraid I haven’t been able to update my diary for a few days as I’ve been busy writing articles about the cricket for Cricinfo. These are very enjoyable to do and hopefully give me the chance to get my work seen by a larger audience but do take quite a long time to write.

The terrible performance of England in the cricket aside, it’s been great over here this week. The weather has been warm and sunny without ever being uncomfortable and the rain has thankfully held off. Due to the cricket finishing early we had an extra day here in Melbourne and we decide to go down to St Kilda for some lunch. The beach down there is lovely and really quiet and is in my opinion far superior to Bondi, which can be busy and dirty. There were loads of great places for lunch and some nice shops to nose around for a couple of hours. After an ice cream and a walk along the beach we headed home to pack for our trip onto Sydney tomorrow. Another happy consequence of England’s terrible bating is that it’s given us time to go to a ‘Big Bash’ game (Australia’s version of Twenty20 cricket), it will certainly be a change of pace from the test cricket I’ve been watching. I’ve even bought a Melbourne Renegades shirt in preparation for tonight’s game.

It’s been very peculiar over the last few days seeing all the Christmas decorations around, you forget that it’s December while you’re strolling around the streets in the sunshine and then you go inside and there’s tinsel and holly everywhere. It being the Christmas period might help to explain the strange nature of Aussie T.V. though. After the cricket I’ll often come back to the apartment and put the TV on for an hour while I check what’s been going on back home. All the channels seem to only show news, sport or random old British TV shows. Obviously the sports channels are great; constant football, rugby, cricket etc. but I’ve also flipped through the channels to discover Dancing on Ice from a couple of years ago, the first series of Great British Bake Off and episodes of Coronation Street that Mum informs me are about five years old.

On the whole the local Aussie’s have been welcoming and pleasant but a certain section of the cricket fans this week have been awful. I assume they’re the Aussie version of the Barmy Army but all they seem to do is get drunk and then fight amongst themselves and swear at anybody that walks past. I’m all for having a drink and a laugh, as the Barmy Army do to good effect but these few Aussies made it unpleasant to walk around some areas of the MCG.

Anyway, after the Big Bash tonight, it’s off to Sydney in the morning to celebrate New Year in style with food, drinks and fireworks at the harbour. Can’t wait!


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