KP Right to Feel Aggrieved 

So the door has been firmly shut in KP’s face… Again!

Just when you think this entire sorry saga can carry on no longer, it just keeps rearing it’s ugly head. When Downton said that KP was not coming back, that should have been it, but of course then Colin ‘mediocre’ Graves weighs in. Ranting and raving about KP possibly coming back if he scores enough CC runs. So KP duly smashes an unbeaten triple century, Downton is sacked, and surely the path for KP is cleared.

But no, the new man it seems, a former team mate of KP’s, shares the same view as Downton and the ECB. There is to be no way back for KP. It’s believed that a willingness to lock KP out of the side was paramount to any possible candidate’s chances of landing the DoC role. 

While I’m not a wholehearted Pietersen fan, for once, I actually think he’s right to feel aggrieved. Here’s a man who could make literally millions in the IPL, but jacked it in for a chance at Test cricket once again, because he was told it was a possibility. Graves had given the clue, and Pietersen jumped at it, and turned his back on the riches of IPL. ‘Serves him right’, I’m sure many will say. But put yourself in his position, it is incredibly infuriating to be given no closure.

Perhaps the best thing Strauss can do now is to draw yet another line under the whole affair and move on. Yet his starkest says ‘for the time being’ and that England won’t consider Pietersen until at least after this summers Ashes series. Surely this is just going to fan the flames around this story, and keep it rolling all summer long. Just what England need in a summer where they take on 2 vastly superior sides in the Test series’.   

2 thoughts on “KP Right to Feel Aggrieved 

  1. To my mind Graves is to blame here.Why did he open his big mouth and build up KP’s hopes? Add to that his undiplomatic remarks about WI and I think this guy will be an Ed Miliband style disaster. Does he not realise ECB chairmen should be seen and not heard?

    • Indeed, Graves comes with a glowing reputation from Yorkshire, I hope it’s not just for his money. Hardly made an auspicious start with WI and KP comments. You’re right, he shouldn’t be the one making headlines.

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