West Indies Tour Diary – Day 13

Okay, so I’m not actually still in the West Indies, but I feel like I should round things off now I’m back in the UK.

The flight home was comfortable enough, but boy did it drag. It’s Sunday evening now, or at least I think it is, it’s so hard to tell when I haven’t really got much sleep and with the time difference.

Our journey from our resort in Antigua back home to Devon took us 24 hours door to door. We started out with a final taxi ride through Antigua on Saturday morning, catching a final glimpse of the north coast as we cruised through the sleepy village of Wilikies. We made our way past the Viv Richards Stadium, and headed out towards V.C.Bird International, just as the sun was starting to beat down. It was going to be yet another roasting day.

Our LIAT plane was much bigger than the one we came across on last week, and we also had the Sky team on-board with us. All manner of cases and camera equipment were hulked onto the small propeller jet. We were also graced with the presence of three former England captains in the cabin. Messers Gower, Atherton and Hussain all took their seats at the rear of the plane, and remained relatively low profile until the cabin crew asked a certain ‘Mr David Gower’ to make himself known to the staff. A casual wave of his handheld fan and the crew seemed satisfied that he was on-board. The flight back to Barbados was much quicker than our stop-start affair on the way over, and we touched down with a few hours to kill before our flight back home to Gatwick.

After spending far too much money on tat and rum in Barbados airport we were ready to settle in for the night flight home. The flight itself was fine, and was probably one of the smoothest long-haul flights I’ve been on, but the cabin crew certainly left a bit to be desired. The appeared to be quite ill-informed when other passengers were asking them about food, and just appeared a bit brash. But I can’t complain too much, and we were on the ground at Gatwick early at 6am this morning.

After a sleepy drive home, our trip was finally over. Tomorrow normal life starts up again, and it feels like a world away from the balmy weather in Antigua and Barbados. It’s going to take a few days to get used to the cold weather, but I’m sure I’ll manage with summer now just around the corner. Attention for me now turns to the domestic season, starting with a trip to the SWALEC stadium tomorrow to watch Surrey take on Glamorgan.

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