West Indies Tour Diary – Day 5

Today was mostly a travel day for us, and making our way from Barbados to Antigua was not as straightforward as you may believe.

After a final huge breakfast at our Bridgetown hotel, we set out for the airport to make our way to Antigua. The flight we were booked onto was an Air Liat operation and involved stopovers in both Dominica and Guadeloupe. This meant that our flight to the relatively close island of Antigua was going to take three hours. Fair enough, I wasn’t in any great rush, and unfortunately there were not seats left on the direct flight.

The plane itself was pretty tiny, just two seats either side, and about 20 rows. A very small operation indeed. But the flight itself was pleasant enough, although landing at Dominica was certainly an experience. As we descended over the island, it was clear that it was covered almost exclusively in dense rainforest. The pilot took us low over the tree canopy and turned sharply through the forest; not a trip for the fainthearted. Just as we thought we were going to land in the forest, a runway appeared from nowhere and we touched down on soothing tarmac. The quick hops to Guadeloupe and Antigua passed without much difficulty.

My introduction to the island of Antigua was from an extremely friendly, and cricket mad, taxi driver. The roads here definitely leave a lot to be desired, but the journey was pleasurable, as we passed family barbeques and climbed into the hills towards the coast.

Our accommodation here in Antigua is delightfully authentic, and set into the forested hills near the coast. Our room provides a perfect view out over the beach and coast, looking over the Caribbean. It is difficult to complain, especially when the beer is plentiful.

Tomorrow, we get the chance to see the island, before the serious business of the first Test begins on Monday.

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