West Indies Tour Diary – Day 1

So here we are, my first day in the Caribbean. First up, a quick piece of housekeeping, I know that is actually the 8th in the UK already, but where I am it is still the 7th, so this will be counting as Day 97 of my 2015 blog challenge.

As I am royally knackered, jet lagged, and busy, this will be a short post. So please also forgive me any error in writing.

I am over here for the First Test of the West Indies v England Test series, which is starting next week in Antigua. However, I have a couple of days here in Barbados first.

After waking at the crack of dawn this morning at a Gatwick airport hotel, there could not be more a contrast to where I am writing this now. While the weather in England was pleasant for early April, nothing could prepare me for the stifling heat I would meet here.

A comfortable flight was only monetarily spoilt when I left my passport on the plane, only realising as I crossed the tarmac heading for the arrivals building. Fortunately the staff at Barbados Airport were extremely helpful, and I was able to run back on and grab my passport without too much fuss, and make it out of the airport soon enough.

I’m not sure what I expected of Barbados, but even on our short drive from the airport to the hotel, about 25 minutes, it was evident that it was a culture I had never before witnessed.

To be honest, it was serenely stereotypical. As we wound our way out of the airport complex there were a few goats tethered up on the sloping central reservation. As the road narrowed and we made our way into the outskirts of Bridgetown, there were many men at the side of the road selling water and coconuts, as well as numerous chickens roaming free.

As I said, this is like nothing I have encountered before in my travels. As much as I am excited to sample our resort here, I am even more excited to get out and sample the real Barbados and see some of this beautiful island.

It may seem like a hideous cliché, but I have never seen sea as blue as it is here. The beaches appear to stretch for miles, and the sand is whitest I’ve ever laid eyes on. I can only imagine how the original English settlers felt when discovering this island back in 1627, it’s certainly like nowhere in the UK.

That’s it for now, my bed is calling. It’s been a long but immensely exciting day, and that’s without even the merest whiff of cricket yet, although I can see the Kensington Oval from my balcony as we speak

For this West Indian Tour Diary, I will also be including a picture everyday of where I am writing my blog from This is for people’s interest, but primarily borne out of my own gloating. Today’s offering is the view from my hotel balcony in Bridgetown, Barbados. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 20.57.09

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