West Indies Tour

Today’s post is just a heads up. Over the next couple of weeks, i’ll be turning this blog into my ‘Tour Diary’.

Tomorrow i’m heading out to the Caribbean to take in the first Test in Antigua. However, i will be in Barbados for a few days before, so for a couple of days prior to the Test i’ll be reporting back on the sights and sounds of the Caribbean as well as obviously building up to England’s first Test over 7 months.

So you will have two weeks of me swanning about and basically just trying to do justice to what i’m seeing. In the second week, as well as trying to give my opinions on the Test, i’ll also try to provide my views on the experience of watching cricket live in the West Indies.

Hopefully, i will also be able provide some of my own photos to accompany any reports I can cobble together.

Just a quick point, more for my own pedantry as opposed to anyone’s interest. In my quest to complete my new years resolution and post all 365 days of 2015, I’ll be taking the date as being wherever i happen to be in the world, as opposed to GMT or British time. So expect my first post tomorrow to, in all likelihood, be after midnight British time.

Anyway, hope you enjoy my ramblings over the next few weeks as embark on my first trip to the Caribbean!

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