Trials of Selecting a Fantasy County Cricket Side

No sooner than the Cricket World Cup finished, county cricket has come shivering into the ‘summer’ of 2015.

With the advent of new season, much optimism abounds. New signings hope to perform for their new sides, overseas stars arrive on these shores, youngsters dream of making that breakthrough season, but for me, aside from the excitement, the start of the county season means that i now need to start the difficult and intricate process of selecting my fantasy team.

To be honest, it took me long enough to tinker with my side for the World Cup, which included just 14 teams, and squads of 15 players. The county game includes 18 counties, and somewhere in the region of 20 players per team. So many combinations! So many different permutations to consider. Do I stack my team with seamers to exploit early season seam friendly conditions? or do I put all my eggs in one batting basket, in the hope that he counters the April movement and gain a jump on other competitors. Decisions, decisions…..

In the end, i opted for the most obvious route. Going with an all-seam attack and a couple of seam bowling all rounders too. It is April after all.

I’m sure i will study it intently for the next two months, and then as it’s clear that i’m nowhere near winning, my interest will slowly wane.

But that’s not the point. The tinkering with the teams, and studying of the scorecards becomes vitally important. It suddenly become of the upmost interest whether Stephen Peters will make a gritty unbeaten twenty, or whether David Masters can complete his 5-fer.

It adds an element of interest to a sphere of cricket i am already unhealthily obsessed with, and for that reason I love it.

Let the season commence!

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