Indecision is Farcical

It’s the story that just won’t go away. KP versus the ECB. KP versus his former teammates. The ECB versus modern cricket. KP versus his ego.

Whatever you want to call it, the ‘KP saga’ just drags on and on. I tried to become disinterested in it during last summer, as I wanted to try and fully support the team that was on the field, but it has been made impossible by the constant posturing by both sides.

Egos have a big part to play here, neither the ECB nor Pietersen want to be seen as backtracking on their previous position.

In his interview with BBC’s Pat Murphy, national selector James Whitaker said: “Kevin is not part of our plans”. But appeared to skirt around the issue, when pressed at to whether Pietersen would ever play for England again, becoming increasingly defensive.

To add to the confusion incoming ECB chairman Colin Graves had stated earlier that the door may still be open for Pietersen. The ECB, as per usual, is suffering from a serious bout of miscommunication.

The Pietersen situation is being used in politicking between ECB bigwigs, and England cricket fans are becoming tired of selection policy being used for petty point scoring.

As I said at numerous times last summer, it is the indecision that is most infuriating. No sooner than a line seems to be drawn under the entire fiasco, the ground shifts, and the whole situation is dragged back onto the back pages once again.

It has been rumoured this week that Pietersen is working out options to withdraw from his IPL contract, so that he can play county cricket this summer. Surrey appear to be interested in the batsman, and if he can score hundreds galore for them, Pietersen will be impossible not to pick.

Or at least, that’s how Pietersen will envisage it. More likely, even if Pietersen does renegade on the IPL, he might struggle to score the glut of runs he’s so confident in producing.

Either way, the ECB need to issue a single clear company line on the KP situation. So that we can all move on from this, and keep our sanity intact.

2 thoughts on “Indecision is Farcical

  1. The ECB don’t need to say anything until he is scoring runs. At the moment he isn’t being picked because he isn’t in the county set up. Thats all that needs to be said. Maybe there is an issue when/if he does score country runs but at the moment it’s just Pietersen making noise with nothing to back it up!!

  2. if Colin Graves (who IMO should be sacked before he starts as I think he will be a disaster) had kept his mouth shut the KP affair would have been forgotten. but no he had to stir the whole thing up again even though it is none of his business as he does not pick the team.

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