Milan II – Lake Como


Wednesday, and another day without watching any sport. While I was glad to avoid England’s capitulation yesterday, today I was a little disappointed to miss out on seeing Sangakkara rack up his fourth consecutive century. He truly is one of the great all time batsman, and it seems he is finally getting the recognition he deserves.


This all my own photography work I’ll have you know!


Anyway, not time for me to dwell on his magnificent feat, I was up at the crack of dawn to set off for Lake Como. After a few days in Milan, and being a country boy at heart, I was looking forward to getting out of the city and seeing some of the natural sights that this region has to offer.

As you can see, it really was a perfect day to see the Lake. Clear blue skies and about 20 degrees, I felt even better after a text from Dad confirming the weather at home to be cold and grey.

Not really knowing a huge amount about the Lake aside from its beauty and the fact that George Clooney lives nearby, I was hoping to be surprised. Thankfully I was, the scene was like a picture postcard. The Lake itself was clear, calm and a hive of activity with pleasure boats and seaplanes buzzing around. In the distance the lush green Italian and Swiss pre-Alps were dwarfed by the imperious white capped mountains behind.


The snow atop the Alps looked completely incongruous as I tucked into lunch and applied the sun cream. The contrasts were startling, and breath-taking. Literally in some cases, as after a trip on the funicular railway, we walked a while in the high altitude to take advantage of one of the most staggeringly large views I’ve ever seen.

The enormity of the view was completely amazing, I had to remind myself that I was only an hour and a half’s flight away from home. The landscape was so varied and alien, that it didn’t appear to be Europe at all.



As we travelled out on the lake in the afternoon sun, we could witness first hand the clearness of the water, and also the beauty of the lakeside villas. It is easy to why so many millionaires chose to call Lake Como home, it is easily navigable by water, but each house it supremely private and blissfully tranquil.

After a long day we returned back to the centre of Milan, felling better for having left the rush of the city. The Lake and surrounding villages are the antithesis of industrial, historic Milan, offering a place of relaxation away from the modern world. I’d certainly love to return to the Lake and spend some time there (perhaps in my own private villa). We can all dream….



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