Milan I

Another short piece today, as I’ve not actually seen any cricket for over two days now. Worrying times indeed, although the way the World Cup has gone for England that’s probably a good thing.

So as I’ve not really seen the cricket, I’m not going to bother discussing it.

What I have been doing is wandering around Italy, and eating. A lot of eating. Every restaurant you see is an Italian… obviously! And for me, that’s just about perfection.

Having not been to Milan before, I had very little idea what to expect, but I have been really pleasantly surprised. The city centre is impressive and bustling, yet is easily navigable via foot, and never more than a few hundred yards from a good Gelato shop.

The city seems to have retained its traditional charm, whilst also being well prepared for the hoards of tourists. Like many modern cities, Milan has built it’s financial district a mile or so away from the tourist centre. Having been on a few crowded Metro trains, I can safely say that it was a good decision.

The Duomo sits impressively in the centre of the city, and I can highly recommend taking the trip to the rooftop to get the best views of Milan. On a gloriously clear day, we were able to see for miles.

But it’s not all culture, history, and food. It’s easy to think that the locals take themselves very seriously, especially after stumbling into the exclusive fashion district. I mean, who really needs 5 Prada shops?! However, as we strolled through an area selling clothes that ordinary people might wear, we were met with what I can only describe as a clearly overweight lady in terrible make-up and wig, belting out some classic hits. Her performances of ‘Simply the Best’ and ‘We are the World’ whipped the crowd into an excited frenzy. The Milanese don’t take themselves that seriously.


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