A World Cup Message

With the Cricket World Cup due to start in a matter of hours, I thought I’d keep my blogging powder dry until the action starts up. Hence no long ramble from me today.

Hopefully over the course of the World Cup I can continue to grow this blog and attract new readers. I’m always delighted to hear any comments (positive or negative), and ways in which to improve what I am trying to do.

With this short post, I am now 44 days into what is a 365-day challenge, and I’d like to think I’ve kept my new year’s resolution better than most .

If you have any suggestions of any subjects that you want tackling over the course of CWC, then please just comment below or send me a message via email or twitter. Both of which can be found in the ‘contact me’ section of this site.

Finally, I suppose I should go on record and give some predictions for what I think may happen over the next few weeks, so here it goes…

Winners: Australia

Runners-up: New Zealand

Dark Horses: England

Abject Failure by a Test-playing nation: Bangladesh

Best Associate: Scotland

Top Run-Scorer: Kane Williamson

Top Wicket-taker: Mitchell Starc

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