County Cricket Predictions

A very busy Saturday has led to a very short blog today.

So after making some slightly fantastical predictions on New Years Day, I thought I’d maybe offer a few more considered guesses.

I will, of course, be elaborating on my choices at some point over the coming months.

But as things stand, here are the teams that I think will succeed in the English domestic season.

CC Division 1: Yorkshire

CC Division 2: Lancashire

50 Over Trophy: Nottinghamshire

T20 Blast: Essex

There you are…. short and sweet!


4 thoughts on “County Cricket Predictions

  1. It would be nice to see Notts get beyond the semi finals for a change but you’re dead wrong on Lancashire. Derbyshire are taking the division 2 title. You mark my words.*

    *this claim might be slightly biased.

    • Ha! I’d genuinely love to see Derbyshire go up, always had a soft spot for them. Div 2 looks pretty open to be honest, always so hard to tell until the first few weeks. Notts are always a shoe-in for a limited overs SF. Just need to get over the line, might need their England players released.

      • In all honesty, I can’t see Derbyshire winning the 2nd div but they are looking strong this year and should do well. They learnt a hard lesson about their shortcomings in 2013 and have worked hard to rectify those. I’m not sure this is the year, but maybe next year.

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