Australia Diary Day 2

So, so tired. Even after going to bed at 9 last night I got up at 8 this morning and I was still knackered!  But it didn’t matter, it was Boxing Day, I was in Melbourne and it was game day. After a quick breakfast it was off to the ground to soak up the pre-match atmosphere.

Our apartment is only a ten minute walk from the ground down the wonderfully named ‘Batman Avenue’ but this was still time enough to sense the Australian cockiness. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t paying as much attention last time or maybe it was because they’re winning, but the Aussies do seem a lot louder and prouder than 3 years ago. I won’t bore you with the details of the game itself – well I will… but in another post, but basically it was a good contest if a little too much in Australia’s favour for my liking.

Things are expensive here… like really expensive. I’m not sure if it’s a bad exchange rate or whether it’s affordable for the locals but it was A$13.20 for two beers at the ground – that’s about £7.50 and they weren’t even pints. But the food in the ground was surprisingly good and a bit more affordable so it wasn’t all bad.

A world record crowd - it was a bloody long way to the cheap seats!

A world record crowd – it was a bloody long way to the cheap seats!

Luckily our seats had a great view of the game and were situated next to one of the quieter bars and were partially undercover, which in this part of the world is protection from the sun not the rain. I was however seated next to an older gentleman from Yorkshire who smelt a bit odd and had an annoying habit of yelling about how bad England’s running was. Still, I can’t complain too much I could have been over with the Aussie ‘fanatics’ who spent more time fighting with each other, throwing beer and getting thrown out than actually watching the game. I tell you, it wouldn’t happen in England, it just wouldn’t!*

The weather was more indifferent than yesterday – it rained a little at lunchtime and is a little chilly now, later into the evening, but most of the day was played out to glorious sunshine and temperatures of 25°c +. It was a great day and I felt privileged to be there as part of a world record breaking crowd of 90,000.

I’m now looking forward to tomorrow with the forecast for sunshine and the game nicely poised. It really is time for this England team to stand up and be counted on this tour. Hopefully Mum can raise a glass to a KP hundred tomorrow while she’s on her wine tour. Yep, she’s been here one day and already sniffed out the best day trips. The way this series is going for England, me and Dad may well have a couple of days to join her.

*Okay, it might happen in England but we’re English so it would be eccentric or charming not rude and offensive.

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